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Losers - 1x03 - Dope
By Lady Gaga
Sung by Gwen Days
Episode Gaga is the Dope

Dope by Lady Gaga is featured in Gaga is the Dope, being apart of the Gaga tribute. Gwen falls apart and doesn't finish the song when her brother Liam leaves the room.


Cork's off, it's on

The party's just begun

I promise this

Drink is my last one

I know I fucked up again

'Cause I lost my only friend

God forgive my sins

Don't leave me, I

Oh, I'd hate myself until I die

My heart would break without you

Might not awake without you

Been hurting low from living high for so long

I'm sorry and I love you

Sing with me, Bell Bottom Blue

I'll keep on searching for an answer

'Cause I need you more than dope

I need you more than dope

Need you more than dope

I need you more than dope

I need you more than dope

Toast one last puff

And two last regrest

Three spirits and

Twelve lonely steps

Up heaven's stairwell to gold

Mine myself like coal

A mountain of a soul

Each day I cry

Oh, I feel so low from living high


Dope (Episode Version) - Losers HD Full Song02:40

Dope (Episode Version) - Losers HD Full Song

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